The French Revolution And The American Revolution Essay examples

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As the enlightened period still raged on, and several years after the American Revolution came the French revolution. It started in 1789 and ended ten years later. The American Revolution started with conversation in higher intellectual circles and eventually the idea spread to the more common men and women.
This idea of democracy and freedom from rule of England set hold and the war began in 1775. The French revolution got it roots essentially due to the unequal distribution of wealth and unfair taxes between the nobles, middles class, and the poor. According the White …”In 1789, King Louis XVI called an Assembly of the Notables of the Estates General, because only the Assembly had the authority to raise taxes. Unfortunately for Louis, the Estates General gave way to a National Assembly, and the new legislative body revolted.”
During the first few years other countries in Europe declared war on France to try to stop this revolution more than likely due to their own fear being that they were monarchies as well. …”The American Revolution transferred power from the British upper classes to American upper classes. In France, power was transferred between classes.” (p. 8.) One of the main differences between the two revolutions was how deadly the French Revolution became. The King of France was executed along with thousands of clergies and nobles. According to White, Edmund Burke referred to the violence in Paris as the “Reign of Terror”. …”From 1794 to…

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