The French Revolution And The American Revolution Essay

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Unlike the American Revolution, which is considered to be a relatively good thing, the French Revolution is often seen as a brutally bloody period in history and its sacrifices were not worth the outcomes. -Ended in an authoritarian regime, just as it began. -Although, its ideals changed history forever.

France in the 18th century was a rich and populous country, but it had a systemic problem collecting taxes because of the way the society was structured. They had a system with kings and nobles we now call the “Ancien Regime”. For the majority of the society, the system of government was unfair and damaging because the clergy never paid taxes, the third party did all of the work while the rich would bathe in their riches.

By 1789, France was deeply in debt funding the American Revolution and King Louis XVI was spending half of the national budget to service the federal debt. Louis attempted to reform this system under various finance ministers, even called for democracy on a local level, but all attempts to fix it failed and soon France basically declared bankruptcy. This nicely coincided with hail storms that ruined a year’s harvest, thereby raising food prices and causing widespread hunger, which really made the people of France angry. Meanwhile, the King certainly did not look broke, as evidence by his well-fed physique and fancy apparel. He and his wife Marie Antoinette also got to live in the luxurious palace at Versailles, thanks to God’s mandate. But Enlightenment…

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