The French Revolution And The American Revolution Essay

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“Little by little, the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him.” – Jennifer Donnelly. The French Revolution was a time period in which the people of its country had enough. They ripped up the thousand-year-old monarchy and redesigned their country’s way of government. The French Revolution was a time of struggle for its people. King Louis XVI had essentially bankrupted the country with his lavish spending and his involvement in the American Revolution. and while the king was able to sit in his palace and eat exquisite meals day after day, his people were starving. During this time the king had people heavy taxes on the Third Estate, which consisted of 98% of the population, causing the French citizens to resent the monarchy. This lead to riots, looting, and strikes in a stance for better living conditions. Women of France had a specific hatred to the queen, Marie Antoinette. In the early days of October 1789, thousands of Partisans, many of which were women, walked twelve miles to Versailles in order ease bread shortages, some to get revenge on the King and his soldiers, and others to kill Marie Antoinette. This event was referred to as the Women’s March to Versailles. This event can be looked at as a strike for the hunger the country was suffering from, hatred towards the queen, and a transformation of women’s role in revolution.
After years of drought and poor harvests, the French people were left with virtually…

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