The French And Indian War Essay examples

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The French and Indian war, also known as the ‘seven years’ war,’ was fought between British America and New France and was based in North America with the support of Great Britain and France respectively. At the beginning of the conflict the British outnumbered their opponents with 2 million settlers to their 60,000 meaning the French had to rely on Indian support. The nations were fighting for a while and in 1756 war was declared making what was previously a regional conflict in to an intercontinental one. Historian Guy Frégault stated ‘À son avis, la France et l 'Angleterre s 'affrontent « pour dominer et n 'être pas dominées »’( in his opinion France and England clash to dominate and not be dominated,) which suggests a goal of power and dominance in North America as a driving force for both Countries.
The best way to look at the war is to separate it in to different periods and see how and why Britain won by looking not only at their victories but their failures, the first period was the early British campaigns which took place in the beginning in 1755. The first was led by George Braddock to Fort Duquesne, with William Shirley being assigned to Fort Oswego and Fort Niagara. Sir William Johnson was given the task of capturing Fort St. Frédéric and Lieutenant Colonel Robert Monckton was to gain Fort Beauséjour. These early expeditions would suggest a strong start for the British, but they were not all successful, in particular Braddock’s expedition for Fort Duquesne which…

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