Essay on The Freedom Of Movement And The Equality Of Opportunity

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Carens states that being a citizen in a Western democracy is the equivalent to being born into the nobility in a feudal class system because in both, it is through inherited traits one receives the increased likelihood of success. Carens believes that once analyzed it is difficult to justify the lack of open borders between states. The argument for open borders that is presented by Carens hinges on two main components: the freedom of movement and the equality of opportunity. In this essay I will briefly outline Carens’ justification for the importance of these two components and how they relate to the argument for open borders. I will then state whether or not I believe that Carens’ argument is persuasive.
Carens believes that the right to free movement is a particularly important right in that it leads to the ability to practice many other rights and it is the very right that is taken away when one is sent to prison. Freedom of movement like freedom of speech does not mean that your right must be protected in every single circumstance. The importance of freedom of movement is questioned on these grounds. The rebuttal draws reference to the many restrictions that already exist when it comes to freedom of movement within society such as, traffic regulations, imprisonment etc. Carens responds however by making clear that full freedom of any right would not be a version of freedom endorsed by many and is not a standard upheld within the realm of heavily agreed upon…

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