The Formation Of One 's Unique Personality Essays

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The formation of one 's identity is the development of an individual 's unique personality, but I believe your personality Is formed by your background and who is in it. My Dad always said you can tell a lot about a person by seeing who they interact with. I was a product of two older parents with five kids already, then me, and finally my younger brother. My older sisters nurtured me, and my older brothers toughened me up. My parents are a big part if not the most influential people in my life: when I was an infant they would play Mozart and Beethoven for me because they believed it would make me smarter. I am not too sure if it worked, but they had aspirations for me and because of this I am compelled to do the best I can. My father passed away when I was about ten years old, this forever changed the way I looked at things. No kid should have their parents taken away from them, every child should be able to see their parents grow old. I believe this has shaped my identity for the rest of my life. In the textbook “How do I begin?”. The quote “My father’s voice was a torch leading us to the foot of god.” from, “Polaroids of Tom.” written by Burlee Vang really spoke to me because they way the author talked about his father reminded me of how I felt and still feel about mine. Not only can I relate to How do I begin? But I can also relate to a lot of what “Madonnas of Echo Park.” talked about as well. I am a Mexican/American and this textbook said what I feel being someone who…

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