Essay The Formal Definition Of Family

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Isn’t it ironic, searching for the formal definition of family even though we are all part of one but not one is the same? In every sense, family means something completely different to all of us; how we define family and whom we think of as family to each one of us. Family is formally defined as anyone who is related by blood but according to an old adage uttered by Johann Schiller “It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.”
For many people, whom I call lucky, have been blessed with a nuclear family that consists of their mother, father and children. There is truly nothing like living with your biological parents, living with that comfort of not walking on eggshells because you’re around a stepparent. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a nuclear family. I realized there was an extreme level of comfort, the way I would rest my head on my father’s chest and I would watch my father talk to my brother about being a man. Now, being a part of an extended family, we do not share the same amount of comfort or being able to form a strong bond with a stepparent. Personally, my family has ranged from the people I am blood related to, to the friends who became closer to me than some of those “blood relatives.” Family can come in many, shapes, forms and sizes. I have been blessed enough to have an extended and a separated family. Though it can get super crazy and chaotic I would have it no other way. After my parents got divorced, eventually they both…

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