The Forced Marriage Of India Essay examples

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Forced Marriage in India To most people’s common knowledge, arranged marriage has always been a known cultural tradition that most South-Asian societies still practice today. Arranged marriage is consent between both the families of the couple and the couple itself, to be married. Then there is forced marriage which is the practice of forcing one or both parties to marry, which is what I’m here to discuss. Forced marriage is an ongoing issue that is practiced in South-Asian societies and as well in the United States. Forced marriage is wrong and it is a problem because it’s a violation of human rights.
Families’, who marry off their children, tend to have them married at young ages. Most of these children who are being put into a forced marriage are females. According to UNICEF global databases on child marriages, last updated in November 2014; 18% of women were married by the age of 15 years old, and 47% were married by 18 years old. This survey was done on women ages 20-24 years old, in India. This comes to show you that more than 50 % of women are being forced to marry at young ages. Indian laws have made it illegal to engage in underage marriage like “The Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929. “ Although this law was made, India still saw the rise and continuous act in child marriage so in 2006, they replaced the law with the “Prohibition of Child Marriage Act.” This law makes it illegal to be forced into marriage and for anyone male or female to be married before the…

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