Child Marriage In The House On Mango Street By Elizabeth Wynne Johnson

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Many have to come to the realization that this world is very cruel place. People have been oppressing and taking away rights from a variety of races, ages, genders, and more. In the article “Kentucky Votes To Ban Child Marriage,” writer Elizabeth Wynne Johnson explores the laws in place throughout the United States regarding the topic of child marriages. As given in the title, Kentucky recently put a law in place stating that children will not be allowed to get married at such a young age.

According to me, child marriage should not exist at all. An incredibly large number of children have been forced into marriages all over the world. Believe it or not, this includes the United States. Even with approval from the children themselves, these
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The last few vignettes of this book describe a chain of events that happened to Esperanza, and demonstrate the way it changed how she acted from that point onwards. She starts to see many realities of the world after her “coming of age” event occurred. This happened when she was abused by a boy at the carnival. This place and event used to signify happiness for her, but now she will just remember it as the place she got abused. It is now a place of fear. The place where her view on life changed forever. This realization started to occur much earlier on, when Sally was forced to kiss a group of boys in return for her keys, and no one cared or wanted to do anything about …show more content…
These events caused her “bubble” to pop, and she tumbled straight into the real world. Esperanza also expressed her views on Sally getting married at such a young age. She tries to describe it as something that was happy and exciting, since a bit of her innocence was still left in her. However, many of her descriptions show that she realizes things aren’t right, and she does not like them. Finally, towards the end of the book, Esperanza states that she will get her life in order and will be independent, and eventually come back to Mango Street to save everyone from the ways of society.

In his talk, Chris Collier states “She asked me to leave her seventeenth birthday party, so that her parents would not know that I had come to celebrate her honor.” The speaker is an African-American man who explains how racism has affected many people’s lives, including his own. Many limits were put on his life due to the color of his skin. Certain people did not want him around, and those who did were ashamed of it. This problem had become so bad, that he had prayed for a different life. For a different skin. Is this what our world has come

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