The For The Fresh Water Making System Essay

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1) The system that holds the fresh water making system shall be designed in such a manner to achieve 100% redundancy during installation.
If the fresh water plant on board is less then 2, each plant should be able to produce and supply 100% of the ship’s total daily requirement.
If the fresh water plant on board is more then 2, all plant should be of equal capacity with one plant being spare.

2) To prevent contamination of the water, the fresh water tank shall not be joined to another system tank containing a possible contamination.

No pipe work shall penetrate to fresh water tank from any other system to avoid possible leakage. There shall be sufficient space between the tanks to support regular inspections.

3) The system should hold automatic chlorine dosing to maintain free available chlorine level in accordance with the BR820 (Potable water in HMA ships).

The potable water system shall be designed such that water samples can be collected before and after treatment and at the furthest point from the entrance to the distribution system.

4) Dual sand filters with automatic back flush facility shall be used in RO plants to prevent the mass contamination of semi-permeable membrane while the plant is functional in risk areas or close to inshore.

5) The piping system shall be flexible to absorb vibration in heavy sea condition and be able to survive in extreme environmental conditions. 6) All material used on the potable water system shall confirm to the…

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