Essay on The Fly By Katherine Mansfield

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No matter how strong one is, or how brave one is, one cannot escape from his fate. Mansfield narrates a short story about a retired worker who visits his old workplace to talk to his old boss about how his daughter visited her brother’s grave, and happens to see the boss son grave. This upsets the boss, but instead of grieving he decides to torture a fly that got stuck in his ink pot. Katherine Mansfield’s short story, “The Fly”, gave me an angry feeling because of its critical tone. The tone of the boss is what really angers me. He plays a role of a controlling, powerful, disrupt character. It is as if he is a god deciding the fate of everyone, considering the fact Mansfield named him “boss” instead of giving us a real name. He is also very authoritative, and always needs to be in control. In the beginning of the story, he’s convincing Mr. Woodifield to try some whisky, “I tell you what. I’ve got a little drop of something here that 'll do you good before you go out into the cold again. It’s beautiful stuff. It wouldn 't hurt a child.”(Mansfield 736). He knows well that Mr. Woodifield cannot be drinking because his wife does not let him. Instead he insists, mentioning that it wouldn 't hurt a child. Speaking metaphorically, but the truth is that it is harmful for them and children.
Another part where he is being controlling and authoritative is when he plans to grieve. He demands his assistant to not be bothered for half an hour, “I’ll see nobody for half an hour, Macey,…

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