The First Opium War On The Modern World Essays

1807 Words May 7th, 2015 8 Pages
The first Opium War in 1839 to 1842 forced China to step into the modern world. Since then, China has been plundered and invaded by both Eastern and Western powers, most of which were inferior to China before 19th century. This was because that while the Westerns were establishing and industrializing the new modern societies, we Chinese still lived with the old ideas and without being improved. Lin Zexu and Wei Yuan suggested the importance of having advanced technologies and learnt ideologies from the Westerners fifty years ago, and both of them believed that the Westerners had the techniques and machines that could help the country “conquer or subvert the civilized world” while our own traditional thoughts are the basis for spiritual and moral strength . Just like what Lin and Wei stated, the most significant thing for China at this moment is to recognize the differences between us and the Westerners, absorbing their good forms, adopting their rules, and combing those methods with our own roots. The major ways consisted of having citizens educated, promoting a fundamental change in political system. In other words, what China needs now, is a reform, rather than either a revolution, or a continuity of the absolute monarchy. Before presenting the detailed solutions to our Empire, it is essential for us first analyse the problems that China had been facing since the early 19th century. The internal disorders have been continuing for more than half century. As the Qing made…

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