The First Lesson Of A Part Time Indian And The Merchant Of Venice

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Everything has an appearance. You make the person next to you or, if you’re alone where you are. That place or person, all have an Appearance and look a certain way. The appearance, though, that has a whole different story. It may be deceiving on what it truly is and has meaning. During my time in English 10A I have learned that appearances aren’t always what they seem and, are very meaningful. There are four units that were taught during the first semester about these meanings of appearance; those books were The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, To Kill a Mockingbird, our Holocaust Unit, and The Merchant of Venice.

The first lesson in English 10A was The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and it showed appearance. The ways it showed appearance was about the people of Reardan. Much like modern day society, Reardan’s people hide their feelings and emotions behind a mental wall of social pressure. They appear to be completely fine, but in reality, they aren’t. “But Penelope starts crying, talking about how lonely she is, and how everybody thinks her life is perfect because she’s pretty and smart and popular, but that she’s scared all the time, but nobody will let her be scared because she’s pretty and smart and popular,” said Junior (Alexi 108). What Junior is explaining is how Penelope, a character in the story, is hiding behind an imaginary wall. She created the wall and social pressure has kept it up. Like the quote says, She and others think that…

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