Essay on The First Generation Of My Father

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History is a part of everyone’s life whether they are familiar with their own or not. What has happened in your past, even prior to your birth has had some impact on how you got to where you are today.
The first generation of my family on my father’s side began around the mid-1800s. My great, great, great grandfather Wilbert McDonald was born into slavery, but in 1865 when slavery became abolished he became a free man. Once free my grandfather then married my grandmother. They had actually became a successful couple, acquiring a lot of farm land in Oklahoma. They resided not too far from Black Wall Street, one of the most successful and richest black communities in America during the early 20th century. He also had two sons, one whose name is unknown, and the other named Sherman McDonald.
During this time black people we not meant to be wealthy or doing well for themselves. My grandfather was a successful black man, and a white man envied his wealth. A white came to my grandfather with evil intentions, and told him that money grew on trees in Arkansas. My grandfather being not to long out of slavery did not know any better and believed the white man. So, my grandfather gave up his land to the white man in pursuits to move to Arkansas in search of the trees that grew money. It was a long travel to Arkansas from Oklahoma, but they were assisted by the Indians to get there safely. Once my grandfather arrived with his family he was stuck with the harsh and unbearable reality…

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