The First Cohort Of Cuban Immigrants Essay

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The first cohort of Cuban immigrants is sometimes referred to as the “Golden Exiles” cohort because they were composed primarily of the Cuban elite (Olson, 53). This label not only portrayed the exiles as the best of Cuban society, but also stood in stark contrast to the label gusanos (worms) that Fidel preferred to use (Garcia, 2). The first to make the decision to migrate to Miami were those that had ties to the old political regime of Batista. These had the economics means to arrange a quick and safe departure and had the greatest urgency to do so because they feared that Castro would persecute or arrest them for their political ties to Batista (Levine and Asis, 22). They had been able to store their wealth in foreign banks so their resettlement did not involve the typical immigrant story of arriving to country without sufficient economic means (Garcia, 13). Because they were tied to the old regime, these were considered the first wave of political exiles, a term that later applied to all Cubans that left.
Following those initial exiles were the upper-class businessmen and the middle-class Cubans that included doctors, teacher, lawyers, and engineers (Garcia, 13). Their reasons for leaving varied, but without a doubt, being parts of the upper and professional classes did not put them in a favorable position with Castro’s government and his policies. Some in this group had supported or at least sympathized with Castro’s movement, but were not pleased to see the quick…

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