The Fires Of Jubilee: Nat Turner's Fierce Rebellion '

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At an early age this individual believed that he had an important purpose in life. Nat Turner’s rebellion was a major point in history. He was an African American slave that lived in Southampton, Virginia on a plantation, and later became a spiritual leader throughout the plantation. He initiated a rebellion among the slaves so that he could lead the slaves to a better life. In the book “The Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion”, by Stephen B. Oates, is a non-fiction based on a true story that left an impact on people living in the south. This paper will explain how Nat Turner led the rebellion of the slaves, and also provide an analysis of the events leading to his actions.
The novel begins with the events of Nat Turner’s childhood.
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He started to have visions, and revelations about the revolt. He called the revolt Judgment Day. As time went by Nat Turners vision began to become true. Since he was able to preach to the slaves he was able to move to different areas to preach. He would preach to the slaves about his visions. Nat Turner believed that God was sending him many signs that indicated he should start the rebellion. Once the sign of the eclipsed appeared Nat Turner believed that it was time for him to recruit soldiers for his rebellion. As time went by they established a plan for the rebellion such as making a map for the plantations, created a list of the slaves that would help with the rebellion, and planned the …show more content…
Nat gathered his lieutenants to develop a final plan for the rebellion. Soon Nat had more recruits that agreed to start in the rebellion, however some of them were scared of the destruction they had caused, and decided not to join them. He decided to implement his plan that Sunday night when everyone would be exhausted, and sleep. The first execution was at Travis farm where a few of Nat Turners family, and wife lived. First, Nat and his rebels executed his masters, and four other people that lived in the house. Then they proceeded to other plantations to kill more people throughout the rebellion, and recruit more slaves. A slave servant had hid one of his masters. Her name was Ms. Harriet, and she escaped into the woods to find help then told the people about the destruction she had encountered. Unfortunately, some of the slaves from the previous slayings had told other people about the rebellion so they could not have been slayed. Soon there were rumors throughout the county about the gruesome rebellion. As the rumors spread the master’s began to form their own armies, and rebel against the slaves. As time went by first Nate’s rebels were captured, and sent to court for trial. Unfortunately, they were found guilty, and sentenced to death. Nat hid in the woods so that he could not be

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