The Fire Next Time Martin Luther King Analysis

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In order to have rights in America, you have to fight for them because they are not given effortlessly. In “The Fire Next Time,” James Baldwin states that action is necessary to achieve a goal. In “I Have a Dream,” Dr. Martin Luther King explains that by peace and kindness you will get to what you want. Baldwin and King were both voices of the Civil Rights Movement who had some of the same concepts, but also believed in different ways to fight for the rights of the black citizens of America. Even though they both view the way to fight for rights differently, James Baldwin believed in a stronger way to fight for rights.
Although, Dr. Martin Luther King believed peace and harmony could change the way African Americans were treated, it wasn’t enough. Baldwin, like King, believed in brotherhood and hope. Being different from King, Baldwin believed in standing up for himself, even if it had to involve with violence. Baldwin did not talk about the struggle for black rights or civil rights, but rather he talked about human rights. Baldwin truly believed that the world is all in this together
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The world needed to view themselves as all children of the same God, meaning whites needed to look for love for blacks, just as blacks needed to find love for whites. Baldwin also had a view in a religious way. Since Baldwin joined the church because of his guilt, he learned that there needs to be love to fight for human rights. Baldwin also questioned, “And if His love is so great, and if He loved all His children, why were we, the blacks, cast down so far?” (Baldwin, 31). Baldwin felt like his prayers to God weren’t being heard. He felt like heaven wouldn’t hear him. Baldwin had the urge to be more than just a worshipper in church, so he became a youth minister which helped him relate God and love with fighting for equality throughout the world, and rights for

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