Essay about The Fire Next Time By James Baldwin

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The Fire Next Time is a collection of two separate essays written by James Baldwin released during the Civil Rights Movement. Both essays give a detailed examination of the ongoing racial struggles taking place in the United States at the time of their publication. Mr. Baldwin goes into great detail about the underlying issues which are contributing to the racial tension in the U.S. Baldwin also provides some worthwhile advice on how to go about repairing the crumbling American populace. Although the ideals and practices supported by Mr. Baldwin emerged from an era long ago, one must recognize how they came about, and how they can still be integrated into today 's society. To fully understand some of the darker concepts portrayed throughout the book, one must have a greater understanding of the Civil Rights Movement entirely. The Civil Rights Movement as a whole took place over the course of about 100 years, but for the purpose of this examination, we will limit that abstraction and focus on the mid-20th century alone (The Civil Rights Movement ix – xiii). The Civil Rights Movement in the 20th century was a direct result of years of oppression both politically and socially. The 1950s and early 60s were plagued with segregation, political inequality, and deep seeded racism. Not until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 could African Americans in the south even vote properly. ( The late 50s - early 60s saw a massive uprising in support for the Civil Rights Movement…

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