The Fire Next Time And Between The World And Me Essay

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James Baldwin and Ta-Nehisi Coates are two astonishing writers who have made compelling argument in their books “the fire next time and between the world and me”. For years there has been argument about the racial inequality in America between blacks and white. It has been made said that categorizing these group/race is a part of a social structure and a display of hierarchy. The question that we struggle with is how we can we bridge his gap and create equality among each other on earth. By exploring the ideas from Baldwin and Coates we can understand that both sides need to take necessary steps to create unity.

What is the American dream? And who gets to live the American dreams? Some would say that the American dream is a gated community and a piece of mind. In addition it illustrate the idea of social mobility. While this may be the American dream it is safe to say that not everyone in America is living this so call dream. If we look in some of the African American community we can see a clear example of a group of individuals who are certainly not living the American dreams. Coates has use the method of ethnography to establish and create certain argument about young black men in the Black community. One of his comments about the young men that are consistently on the corners of their neighborhood was confusing to me as a reader. His argument was these young men use fancy dressing to hide the pain they feel inside. This is an argument based on opinion but shown some…

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