The Fire Next Time And Between The World And Me By James Baldwin And Ta-Nehisi Coates

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James Baldwin and Ta-Nehisi Coates are two astonishing writers who have made compelling argument in their books “the fire next time and between the world and me”. For years there has been argument about the racial inequality in America between blacks and white. It has been made said that categorizing these group/race is a part of a social structure and a display of hierarchy. The question that we struggle with is how we can we bridge his gap and create equality among each other on earth. By exploring the ideas from Baldwin and Coates we can understand that both sides need to take necessary steps to create unity.

What is the American dream? And who gets to live the American dreams? Some would say that the American dream is a gated community
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While ideas are interesting and enlightening us to think what is the plan. Am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words? We need to take real and actual step into making changes about this system. If we want to be united we have to change the mindset between each group. We can allow ethnocentrism because it will only divide the people but focus on cultural relativism. The goal will never be a reality if the African American don 't know how to be united. Why is it near to impossible for black to get along? The truth is that they we exploited and dehumanized for hundreds of year with all its culture and history destroy. African American are conflicted about who they are because the only thing they are known for is being slave. Until we learn how to use slavery as one of your greatest strength the black community will never unite. When a nation has unity that is when it is at its strongest. We have to eradicate this idea of hierarchy and ethnocentrism we want to this nation to thrive. Time is known for us to lay a better path for the future generation. We must build the best possible world and to do this me need to lay a proper foundation. This foundation must teach the next generation to judge individual base on their characteristics and not by the color of one 's skin. We must face the truth and realize that we can get more done when we unity with one another. I finish by siding let us explore the idea of a nation free from oppression, class and race and unity together as one human

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