The Fight For Women 's Rights Essay example

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Feminism” a fairly new word, we gave to a fight that has been going on for centuries. The fight for women’s rights took an exorbitant amount of time and social influences like Simone De Seaviour did not make that fight any easier. She believed women that women were the second sex. She also believed that it would take a lot of work to have women be independent from men. While social influences like John Stuart Mills and Virginia Woolf believed any woman could be independent and as equal as men are. They believed it would be great for women and for the society. The view that Mill’s and Woolf’s had on women’s role in society was slightly different from Simone De Seaviour’s view. All three have a similar goal of the independence of women. While Simone took a different approach.
Simone De Seaviour had a very traditional view on the role women had in society. Simone De Seaviour was a French novelist, social critic and extentialist. She wrote a book called “Second Sex” which explained her reasons for her traditional view on women’s roles. In the “Second Sex” Simone dethroned the “myth of femininity”. The myth of femininity was the false and disempowering idea that women possess a unique and preordained “feminine” essence. Simone believed that condemns women to the role of social and intellectual subordinate to males. Basically, stating that being feminine would make women a second sex in society. She also reassessed the biological, psychological and political reasons for a…

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