The Fight For Freedom : My Parents Essay

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The Fight for Freedom
My wants had always seemed to take the backseat to my responsibilities, with my parents in the driver 's seat. My schedule was planned and predictable: school, homework, dinner, chores, sleep and repeat. I felt like a robot with the controller in my parents hands instead of my own. My resentment towards my parents grew stronger with every passing minute. I no longer saw my house as a home instead a prison in which I was sentenced to. And to question their parenting strategies would have been my death sentence. I felt like because of my sex and the possibility that I could end up pregnant, even though I didn 't have a boyfriend, the leash was held tighter. I was entering high school and my urge for freedom and identity was overpowering me like a crack addict looking for a fix. All these factors lead to me defying my parents as I sought out my freedom.
It was the morning of my freshman year and I had just awoken from a peaceful night 's sleep. At five in the morning I jumped out of bed like a child on Christmas morning. I put on my charcoal face mask to clear up all my imperfections. After waiting five minutes, I washed the mask face off feeling like a breath of fresh air. Next, my hand shook as I tried to line up my toothpaste with my toothbrush. I failed like drunk driver does trying to walk in a straight line. But, after taking a long deep breathe to calm my excitement and nerves, I lined up my toothpaste perfectly. Then, I sat on my floor like my…

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