The Field Of Geology Didn 't Become A Major Field Before World War II

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The Field of Geology didn’t become a major field until World war II, when the sea floor was mapped out in detail for submarines revealing a mid-Atlantic underwater mountain range, and a rift which started the theory of Plate Tectonics. Plate tectonics are used to explain the forming of mountains and even continents after the Pangaea. Plate tectonics explains that continents could have broken up, but there are 2 major theories on how.
Catastrophist’s believe that a series of catastrophes caused things like plates, and the splitting of a supercontinent-Pangaea to happen in thousands of years.
Uniformitarian’s believe after millions or billions of years, these things happened and often times used to try and explain evolution, although Catastrophes do play a role, they don’t believe it is the singular cause in geology. These have caused many theories about how plate tectonics and the constantly moving crust work and operate with and against each other. Some of these interactions are, Convergent boundaries, is when 2 crustal plates move towards each other, creating landforms like mountains, Divergent boundaries are the opposite, and happens when two crustal plates are moving away from each other. These boundaries are observed along the sea floor, where cooling of magma along the boundary creates mid-oceanic ridges. The last is Transform boundaries, which is when the boundaries are sliding parallel to each other, not towards, or away from each other. There are also…

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