The Federalist Ideals And The Love For Britain Shaped His Political Decisions

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Alexander Hamilton was a brilliant man who had a keen insight on economic policies. He was a member of President Washington’s Cabinet and was the secretary of treasury. Hamilton always had an affinity towards the British Government because he believed that there government was well- run, and this affected the way he thought about economic engagement. Hamilton was an advocate for a federalist government, a government centered on a strong central government that made the main decisions for the country. The federalist ideals and the love for Britain shaped his political decisions, and that is what caused him to create his revolutionary economic strategy for the United States. His strategy had five key components, each one an integral piece to unify the country under a strong central authority and to formulate a strong economy. Hamilton believed that trust and self- development is important for a country to gain allies and to be independent. He created two different parts to achieve this: he advocated for paying of all of U.S debts in full and increased tariffs. With the United States a fledging country, Hamilton realized that they needed to strengthen ties both domestically and internationally to bolster the economy. The Revolutionary War was costly as the Continental Congress had to pay for supplies and had to pay the troops. There was large domestic debt and international debt that had to pay with all the loans that the Continental Congress took. This was crucial to gain…

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