The Federalist And Anti Federalists Essays

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The Federalist and Anti-Federalists battled against each other after the signing of the United States Constitution. It was the Ratification of the Constitution that sparked debate between the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist in all states. This debate was about deciding if this new Constitution had the best interest for the United States to change from the Articles of Confederation, which was the fundamental documents that were guiding the government of the United States. This debate took two years because that was how long it took for nine states to agree to ratify the Constitution out of the thirteen states of the United States. The Federalists were led by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison and they were people that were supporting the constitution. They are called the federalists because the new constitutional of the United States set up a federal style government. This federal style government is a distribution of power between a federal or nation government and state government. The Federalists want a strong national government and if the constitution is ratified, then they will have it because the Articles of Confederation set up a weak central government. The Federalists were wealthy people that belied that the people that own the country should also govern it. They feel that the commoners should be feared because they are uneducated. They also believed that the national government should be in control of the country and have the power and that only…

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