Essay on The Federal Government Is Beneficial For American Society

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Ever since America was founded, its population has always struggled with the balance between national and local politics. A national government was favored because of its ability to maintain cohesiveness among the whole population, while local, smaller governments were favored in order to limit the powers of the national government and to prevent the tyranny the colonists faced before fleeing from Britain. While some Americans argue that states’ rights hold more importance over the power of the federal government, an “overall trend in American history shows the increase of dominance of local over national politics.” The dominance of the federal government is beneficial for American society because it is more efficient, more democratic, and better suited to accommodating the diversity in America. These positive effects can are reflected by analyzing federalism and the civil rights movement. Discarding the Articles of Confederation which gave “the lower-level governments primary authority”(KJKV 85), and adopting a constitution which gave more power to a central government made policy-making and governing more efficient. Efficiency in a political system is to be defined as working in a well-organized and competent way in order to limit transaction costs, or the “time, effort, and resources required to make collective decisions”(KJKV 21). In order to be more efficient, the founders gave the federal government certain enumerated powers called ‘clauses’ that are specifically…

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