The Fascination Of Darkness And Apocalypse Now Essay

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The Fascination in Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now Heart of Darkness is a novella written by Joseph Conrad around the time of 1899. Apocalypse Now is a film inspired by Heart of Darkness and was released in 1979. Similar themes are displayed in both the film and novella. One main theme that they both have in common is “the fascination of the abomination” (Conrad, 7). Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now explore the theme of “the fascination of the abomination” through the setting of imperialism. Some of the other themes include the perception of the interior and exterior being; moral ambiguity set throughout the story; and the hypocrisy of imperialism. Despite some of the difference in settings the two stories present, they are still comparable in displaying the theme of “the fascination of the abomination”. Fascination of abomination can be interpreted as the appeal of some sort of conceptualized evil. The concept of seeing something or someone through an exterior to try and see the interior supports the fascination of abomination theme. Marlow and Willard only have a voice or vision of Kurtz to depend on as a perception of who he is. Marlow states, “-but, ‘Now I will never hear him.’ The man presented himself as a voice” (Conrad, 77). Marlow can only make assumptions of Kurtz through word of mouth, his reputation among the Europeans, and some of his written documents. Willard makes a vision of Kurtz through his voice recordings given to him. Marlow and Willard are…

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