Essay on The Fall And Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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Intellect is the ability to analyze, reflect and use judgment to reason. Intellect is different from the term intelligence; intellect is using knowledge to produce an outcome while intelligence is acquiring knowledge. The protagonists in The Fall and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass were examples of intelligent individuals using intellect to make judgments and decisions in their daily lives. The protagonists differed in many aspects such as in their characteristics, the hardships they faced on their journeys and their motivations behind accomplishing their goals successfully. However, the two characters were able to use their intellect similarly to have an impact on their lives as well as impact the lives of others. The author of The Fall, Albert Camus, chose to write the story in first person engaging the reader in a conversation with Jean-Baptiste Clamence. The reader meets him in the bar Mexico City, where the intellectual conversations takes place; as the reader steps out of Mexico City with Clamence, he introduces a world of corruption and hypocrisy. The story takes place in Amsterdam after World War II and Clamence explains how Amsterdam is similar to Dante’s Inferno known as the nine circles of hell. The Dutch seemed moral as the protagonist described, but he is well aware of their hidden hypocrisy. This may have been a reflection of his character and why he chose to move from Paris to Amsterdam. Jean-Baptiste Clamence lived his life in constant…

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