The Faith Of The Church Essay examples

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My parents baptized me Christian and put me into Christian schools my whole life, but have never truly believed in God and what the Church preaches. I have not been devout in my faith because of so many other things that go on in my life that I think to affect me more and would be a better use of my time. The Church community seems to want to force me into believing in God, and what God wants me to do with my life. Craig grows up with his faith being forced into his daily life and people expecting him to embrace it and expand on it, but he does not and cannot because of many factors in his life that he finds more important and more enjoyable. Craig conflicts with his religious faith because of his drawing and his responsibilities as a young adult, which leads to him conflicting with the Church community who treat him negatively for pursuing these things and not god. Craig is no longer a Christian because of many factors in his personal life and in the Church that conflict with his faith, such as his incompatibility with his drawings and faith, his responsibilities as a young adult, and his personal conflict with the Church community.
Thompson 's art and his religion are not compatible because he feels that he can only have one or the other be his focus in life, and society is telling him that drawing is disrespecting God. For example, Craig feels the need to burn all of his drawings and artwork that he made in his childhood and adolescence. After this Craig Thompson…

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