Thames Water Case Study

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Thames Water, as the biggest water company in England and Wales, has made unacceptable failure to control water leakages just months after pouring raw sewage into London’s main river. The companies’ behaviors bring a set of moral issues and is a right/wrong conflict. The most important moral challenge in this case is that Thames Water made profit at the cost of environment and public health while its primary obligation is to protect public health.
Thames Water is being investigated by regulator for its unacceptable failure to control water leakages with 180 liters a day leaking from every property the company supplies [1]. The company has made a commitment to its customers that the leakage would reduce by 47m liters per day in 2016-17, but
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Apparently, the consecutive incidents caused by Thames Water conflict with the values of care, loyalty, truth and duty etc. First of all, as a monopolistic companies of water system, Thames Water makes profit through the business of water system, its action of pouring raw sewage put people and animals at the danger of falling ill and violated the principle of performing their duties, caring for human and environment and being loyalty to the customers. Secondly, Thames Water failed to obey the leakage reduction commitment which was made to the customers, this action betray the loyalty to the customers and government who believe in its ability to manage the business. Huge leakage also wastes the water resources and makes customers’ life in chaos, conflicting with the value of duty, loyalty and care. What’s more, Thames Water did not reflect on its wrong behavior at all. If it had realized the moral problems and wanted to correct its behavior, the leakage would not have happened just three months after the …show more content…
The fine would affect the company’s revenue and the bad reputation would affect its stock price. There are not only domestic investors, but also foreign investors such as the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and the China Investment Corporation [1]. The influence is worldwide, these investors’ benefits are harmed by the moral issues.
Besides, those who are likely to use the polluted water are put in the risk of illness and the ecosystem has also been harmed. Because Thames Water’s action of pouring raw sewage, the river was black, there were flies all over it and there was lots of matted duckweed, which suggests there’s lots of nutrients in the water [2]. And because of the leakage, water resources were wasted. When billions of people are suffering from water scarcity and people are in an important period to strengthen awareness of water saving, the action of wasting water has really bad

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