The Failure Of Napoleon In The 19th Century

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The 19th century is regarded to be full of revolutions in the life of France as a number of them showed presence. Despite their objective to tackle giant and menacing problems such as unemployt, corruption and conflicts, France had come unexpectedly and unknowingly into an unstable position. Some historians put forward the standpoint that the instability of France between those years is due to political factors as there were wars between countries, conflicts within the government and, unsuccessful and ineffective strategy of ruling the country. However, two different stances stand against this outlook and are believed as providers for the contributions to the cause of the instability. The economic factors are the second important factor, because …show more content…
In fact, he accomplished bringing benefits to France within its role in the world and to its citizens as new reforms had been made such as the Economic management, the Code Napoleon (1804) and Education. Nevertheless, his blunders would not balance his positive reforms. One of his mistakes was to begin the patriotic war between France and Russia in 1812. The war did not give what Napoleon wanted and which he planned to achieve, instead, the war took his reputation and power away from him as the cost of his failure was enormously high. Namely, when the remnants of Napoleon’s army crossed the Berezina River in November, only 27,000 fit soldiers remained out of 680,000 soldiers (including 300,000 of French departments). His fault, not only caused the political instability outside of France, but also social instability as many people died and financial instability as a huge amount of money was spent on this war. Another failure of him was being unable to prevent possible terrorism such as an act of terrorism in 1800 along the Rue Saint-Nicaise in Paris on Christmas Eve. It resulted in at least eight people being killed and over twenty people being wounded by the consequence of the explosion of a huge bomb and, also the First Consul was affected by this disaster. Hence, it would signify that the government was being controlled ineffectively and with insufficient policies to abolish and prevent these kinds of serious and destructive incidents. That lack of ability of governing the country would have been denounced for the lack of stability that

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