What Is The Theme Of Love In The Great Gatsby

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To love and to be loved is the fundamental reason that humans go on with life. Love and affection is by far the deepest feeling in the human soul. Love is the feeling that makes men do crazy things for women; it is what makes parents do anything for their children. Love can also drive a person to a point of insanity when they can’t have the one who they love. Love drove Gatsby to the point of changing his entire life, into something he was not, but he was in love with Daisy and would do anything for her, but Daisy failed to see that. Daisy wanted to love Gatsby, but she failed at that, along with doing anything else significant in her life. Daisy was the biggest failure in the book because she was shallow and she refused to love the true man …show more content…
Daisy knows that “Tom’s got some woman in New York” (15) but she doesn’t do anything about it, because she is scared to lose her security, that Tom gives her. This isn’t true love. True love is what Gatsby could have given her. Daisy never followed any of her emotions. At Gatsby’s party she was “offended” (107) because everyone there was followed their emotions not other, superficial things. Daisy married tom because of the gestures she showed her, like for their wedding Tom gave her “a string of pearls valued at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars” (76). This was a grand gesture and Daisy thought it was love, but she was wrong. Love isn’t about how much you can give someone; it’s about how many feelings you have for someone. Daisy was also upset it the dance because at the party a guy kissed a girl and “it wasn’t a gesture but an emotion” (107). Everything that wasn’t a gesture was considered wrong. This is where Daisy was fundamentally incorrect. Emotions are what drive humans to do the crazy things that we do. Daisy loved Gatsby the entire book, Gatsby told Tom “your wife doesn’t love you” (130) and he goes on to “she’s never loved you. She loves me” (130). Daisy only did things based on money and “she only married [Tom] because [Gatsby] was poor and [Daisy] was tired of waiting” (130) this is the biggest failure that anyone, including Daisy could ever make, not marrying the man she

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