Essay on The Factors Influencing Individual Change

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The factors influencing individual change in children
The mid-20th century heralded social advancements such as recognition of human rights and equal opportunities for people regardless of gender and race. The latter resulted to the recognition of children as human beings in some societies around the globe. So dire was the situation in the earlier centuries that depiction of children in art was next to impossible. Aries asserts that society in the Medieval and earlier centuries regarded childhood as a stage of incompetency and incapacity (33). He proves the suppression of children during these centuries through a Biblical example when Jesus ordered His disciples to let the children come to Him. Fast-forwarding to the future, the recognition of the role that children play in the society has aided in solving age old questions such as, “what factors shape the personality of a person?” This paper will examine the different ways that the personal self is molded in during childhood through cultural believes, socialization and conclude by giving recommendations on how to improve the behavioral traits of society.
Family plays a crucial background for the development of personality among children. The family is the first institution where children acquire values and beliefs. Valentine refers to family as the ‘primary socialization’. She describes ‘primary socialization’ as the first socialization that integrates a child into a member of the society. In most societies, children begin…

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