The Eyes Of The Dragon Essay

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During the 1980’s, Stephen King wrote The Eyes of the Dragon for his little girl because she wasn’t exactly a fan of the books he normally wrote. A majority of his fans rejected the book because it wasn 't up to par with the present horror in his previous writing. In the book, Misery, Paul Sheldon feels the same way. Trapped in the stigma of Misery Chastain and feels as if he can 't escape it. But, when Paul Sheldon does attempt to write something different like Fast Cars, Annie Wilkes, his #1 fan of the Misery series, retaliated by burning the only copy. Misery is a psychological thriller because it relies on the characters’ fears and abnormal psyche to frighten the readers. This is shown through Paul Sheldon 's constant fear of Annie Wilkes and her whirlpool of emotions along with his fear of her power and control. This novel was written around the time of the feminist movement and the post-reaction to feminism was a fear of women and the power they could possess. This had never happened before for women, it was scary for the men and for the women. The novel, Misery, is about how psychological issues such as Schizotypal, if untreated, can lead to the harm of the individual and others around them and the importance of diagnosing it early on in our society. There are multiple types of mental disorders ranging from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), but, the most present mental disorder in Stephen King’s Misery is…

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