The Exploration Of The Keystone Pipeline Essay

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Introduction The Keystone Pipeline was a proposed idea of a pipeline that would run from the oil sands of Canada to Steele City, Nebraska (“Keystone” 1). It would then connect with an existing pipeline that would administer it elsewhere. Since the proposal was for an oil pipeline that would cross international borders, it needed the President’s approval. The idea became such a controversial topic when President Obama stated that six days to decide the fate of this project was not a sufficient amount of time to make a decision. This opened doors to the insecurities of the Canada- U.S. relationship as well as questioned the rhetoric of the energy policy of the United States (Kalen 5). Many people were torn as to whether the risk of the pipeline would outweigh its potential benefits. There were concerns of the environment as well as the effect on gas prices (Terry 61-62). The advocates of this pipeline suggested it would secure borders as well as benefit the economy immensely (Slade 28). Although the pipeline would represent just a small portion of the 2.6 million miles of oil pipelines that currently exist, many have aggressively debated this topic for an extensive amount of time (“Keystone” 1).
• Increases national security
• Beneficial to economy
• Lower gas prices Every day around the United States, millions of gallons of oil are used to keep the national economy running sufficiently. The existing portion of the pipeline carries in 550,000 barrels per day…

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