The Expectations Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Starting out as a seven year old boy, who once aided an escaping convict, Pip is treated with injustice by all except for guardian, best friend, and blacksmith Joe Gargery. Once meeting the rich but strange Miss Havisham, and the center of her sky, Estella, this little boy’s dreams of following in Joe’s footsteps are altered to cater to the opinions of these high class individuals. A series of events during Pip’s life of wealth takes him on a journey to maturation that reveals his benefactor of a great fortune is not who he expected. The recurrence of Pip’s dissatisfaction and dismality slowly transforms into a more understanding, pleasant human being as he learns to accept his fate. Introducing the setting of the novel, Pip describes the forge as “warm and comforting”, but this opinion soon changed upon communications with Miss Havisham, and her captivating daughter, Estella (Dickens 1) (Szumski, ed. 48) (Bloom). Fallen hopelessly in love with this young lady, Estella has Pip, and his thoughts of himself, wrapped around her pampered little finger (Dickens 102). With this power, Estella repeatedly pounds her thoughts on “common” people with their “coarse hands”, and “thick boots” into Pip’s head, creating a dismal attitude, an ungratefulness of where he came from, and critical thoughts of the common class (Dickens 66) (Szumski, ed. 48) (Bloom). He says “It is a most miserable thing to be ashamed of home” shortly after thinking of his home at the forge as a “glowing road to…

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