Essay on The Exodus Of Syrian Refugees

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“Everything is happening at once and everything is happening to everybody” is a quote from the World Service Authority’s article “World Citizenship Defined” (Lechner & Boli 492). This quote means to say that what happens in the world affects everyone in one way or another. In a sort of butterfly effect phenomenon, the civil war in the Syrian Arab Republic and the ensuing flight of several million Syrians across Europe has affected the economies of several countries, albeit in different ways and in varying degrees. The immigration policies possessed by Germany and Greece affect neoliberalism at different rates and in different ways. The economic and sociological aspects of the exodus of Syrian refugees are impacting the states which the refugees cross on their way towards security, such as Greece. They also affect their host states, or states in which they find more permanent resettlement, such as Germany. Syrian refugees have very different experiences when they arrive in Germany versus in Greece. Mainly, in Germany refugees are encouraged to continue their education and to enter the workforce, thus propelling neoliberalism forward (Smith). In Greece, they are left to economically fend for themselves, thus aiding in the stress on the Greek economy (Anagnostopoulos et al.). When a refugee first arrives in a new country, they may feel isolated and/or alienated. These feelings are eloquently articulated in Hannah Arendt’s famous essay “We Refugees”. Arendt was a Jewish…

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