Essay about The Existence Of Crime Show Television

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The existence of crime show television has implanted many ideas about how the courtroom works when it comes to presenting evidence. These shows have covered grounds from tampered evidence, to inadmissibility, and lack of relevancy. However, it is much easier to understand the difference between the viewpoints of pop culture on evidence and the actuality of the manner, when you understand the different types of evidence. Evidence is classified into two categories, direct and circumstantial evidence. In order to understand the definition of both, one must understand a material fact. A material fact is something that relates to any matter between two people, whom are in a dispute. As one would assume, direct evidence is defined as evidence that is given by a witness that relates to a particular event that the witness experienced. This means that the evidence presented is described just as the individual on stand witnessed it. Alternatively, there is circumstantial evidence, which is much harder to rely upon. Circumstantial evidence is evidence that is indirect, and therefore the trier of fact must logically infer the existence of material fact. In other words, circumstantial evidence relates to those things that are presumed to have taken place without material fact, based on a reasonable sequence of events. Therefore, it is clear that many issues, and risks can arise from the presentation of circumstantial evidence. With the groundwork of laying down the definitions…

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