The Existence Of A Flat Earth Essay

1266 Words Jul 30th, 2014 6 Pages
Over the course of history, many previously conceived notions have been constantly refuted in light of newer, more correctly accepted concepts. A majority of the people during the times of ancient civilizations believed the Earth to be flat based on only what they could see, but as time passed philosophers began to question if that were true. The notion that the Earth was indeed spherical grew with further evidence over the ages, proving to be one of the biggest revolutions of the perception of our natural world. While even today there are individuals who disagree with the Earth being round, it is generally the notion that it is not flat. The scientific community has proven and deemed the Earth round, which today we know is a huge change in what was once common knowledge of a flat Earth. A jump in general assumptions and notions within a scientific theory can be considered a “paradigm shift,” as defined by Thomas Kuhn (1962). A great many of these crucial paradigm shifts that helped bring about the scientific glory of the Renaissance period in Europe, unknowingly to many, actually conspired in the Middle East during the Islamic Golden Age. Islam has played a role unlike any other religion in scientific discovery, both in its early pursuit to understand the world to its more modern outlook of turning a blind eye to making any advancement. Another unsolved aspect of our universe was the alignment of the planets and stars. The BBC documentary, Islam and Science, the host…

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