Essay on The Evolutionary Theory Of Nature Vs Nurture

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Many people argue that behavior comes from either a person’s environment or from their biology. This can be seen in what many people know as nature versus nurture. One of the major theories that stick out in this argument is the Evolutionary Theory. Alfred Wallace was developing a theory that was just as similar to that of Charles Darwin. Variations are the key concepts that are studied in both of Wallace’s and Darwin’s. The reason this is done is, because variations help to identify why the species evolve. Wallace’s theory does differ from Darwin 's. Wallace’s theory shows that a species will only take on an adaptation if it will be beneficial to the species survival. Now, for the evolutional theory the adaptation is not just a biological factors it is can also be behavioral factors. It is from this theory that behavior can be part of evolution. Wallace’s theory help people such as David Buss and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck strive to prove as why behavior is part of evolution. David Buss’s evolutionary psychology and the creation of Lamarckism from Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

Behavior Evolution
Alfred Wallace and Charles Darwin were both working on a theory that would help to understand a biological basis that would allow for the understanding of human behavior (Ashford, LeCroy, Lortie 2001). According to Alfred Wallace’s Theory of Evolution, elements that stronger then other in an environment are more likely to continue to exist by being passed down from one generation to…

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