The Evolution Of Slavery Is A Virus Essay

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The Evolution of Slavery Slavery is a virus. Throughout the ages it mutates and adapts to the ever-changing environment. Whether it be modern day or 200-300 years in the past. Whether it ravages the shore of China and other large manufacturers or occurs at our homefront. The Industrial Revolution acted as a catalyst for most of the Slavery we see in modern day and the typical form of slavery that occurred in the 1800’s. Adding new technologies to the forefront of man and no one cheap enough to man them. Thus causing the use of Slaves, Women Labor, and Sweatshops. The Industrial Revolution promoted and revamped the use of unfair labor.

The most well known version of slavery was present before the Civil War. When cotton was at its max proficiency. One major principle of slavery is that it solely exists where there is economic gain to be had. All the companies at the time had their links with slavery.”Early New England industry-cotton, textiles, shipbuilding, and the like- had strong connections to the Slave trade”(Wahl, Jenny.) At the time indentured servants lost their value as workers due to the booming population of African-American Slaves in the South. This provided extremely cheap labor and such an abundant workforce it almost seemed ridiculous to use anything but slaves. “Nearly 4 million slaves worth close to $4 billion lived there just before the Civil war.”( Wahl, Jenny.) The value of slaves rose exponentially in that time due to the revolutionary cotton gin, an…

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