The Evolution Of Slavery In The Civil War?

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Through the years, numerous abolitionists worked fervently trying to free the enslaved peoples and end slavery. To some extent, they were successful in spreading the word against slavery. Unfortunately, many lost their lives while fighting for their cause because it was something different and most people back in that time did not like change at all. At least their work was not done in vain; their accomplishments were one of many issues that became a springboard for the federal government to pursue the Civil War (Shultz, 2104). Prior to the start of the Civil War the slaves were fighting for their freedom through unorthodox means. All of the events that led up to the war were instrumental for the slaves. While a few slaves had courage and fearlessness the majority remained suppressed; …show more content…
Yes, the enslaved people bared tremendous difficulties, tragedies, setbacks; however, they had triumphs and victories which spurred further confidence and uprising. The evolution of slavery did not happen by chance. The Great Physician was in charge. Difficult events happened and through them growing pains occurred to which the ebb and flow of life transformed a new country, a new government and a new society into a world where all men were treated equally (Holt & Brown, 2000).
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