Essay on The Everlasting Dispute Between Acocella And Bloom

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Potter Dispute

The Harry Potter series is notorious for its extreme popularity among its readers. The everlasting dispute between Acocella and Bloom continues. Joan Acocella, a world renown author, famous for her career as a dance critic for Dance Magazine, the New York Daily News and the Wall Street Journal. In Potter’s defense, Acocella supports Rowling’s writings to support its relative, yet imaginary tone in her piece Under the Spell. On the other hand, we have Harold Bloom, a well educated professor who spends his time studying western literature. In Bloom’s writing Can 35 Million Book Buyers Be Wrong? Yes., Bloom touches the book 's underlying factors. He suggests that Potter is far too advanced for today’s society to ever be notable. As Rowling continues the series, the arguments amongst the defenders and mockers pursues.

Within the two articles, Acocella and Bloom discuss the relate ability of Harry Potter to the reader. In Under the Spell by Acocella, she touches on the sensitivity to preteens. She notes Rowling’s efforts to make herself more understanding of the story; In Harry’s case, a high school atmosphere. For one, Rowling creates her own imaginative ball game, Quidditch. Which is a game played throughout the series. The game is fun and carefree. Acocella also says in regards to Rowling’s child like sense, “Joanne Rowling is thinking about you.” She explores the problems faced by most teens reading the book. Acocella says, “Best of all, her treatment of…

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