The Everlasting Argument Of Evolution And Science Vs. Creationism

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The everlasting argument of Evolution and science vs. Creationism and religion has been stumping mankind for ages. There really is no right answer but there is a more realistic argument. Which is the idea of Evolution and the continuous adaptation of species to their Environments. We have retrieved evidence supporting Evolution and the paths it’s taken to reach the stage it 's at now. Many scientist devoted their lives to research evolution. These Scientist were able to determine that we all sprouted from a common ancestor and through several adaptations became the hundreds of thousands of species we have today. The reasons these adaptations happen is by a process called natural selection. natural selection is the process by which random evolutionary changes are selected for by nature in a consistent, orderly, non-random way. This process was founded by a naturalist by the name of Charles Darwin who traveled by ship around the world taking note of all the living organisms. Due to Darwin and some other scientist the base of Evolution could be supported by the idea of common ancestry and natural selection. We can now sprout into other branches of evolution that support the idea with specific evidence.
Natural Selection
Charles Darwin theorized on many forms of evolution but his strongest point was natural selection. It all began when he took a ship to the Galapagos Islands and took careful observations about both the geology and biology of the islands. Darwin was particularly…

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