Essay on The Events And Legislation Of The South African Apartheid

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The events and legislation of the South African Apartheid affected the social reality of the time period and without this understanding, one cannot derive the fact that the affairs that occurred during the time alter the reader’s take on the characterial interactions of the play. The familiarity of the setting and social situation in a play such as Athol Fugard’s “Master Harold”...and the Boys is imperative because of the significance of the time period. The play follows seventeen-year-old Hally, a white boy, and his two African-American servants, Sam and Willie, in Apartheid South Africa. The play’s events unfold during a time of extreme racial injustice and segregation, which alters the perspective and severity of the events that occur throughout the play. With that being said, a decontextualized reading of “Master Harold”...and the Boys can yield themes that are essentially the same, to some extent, as those gleaned from a contextual reading. The understanding and deriving of the same themes from the text is possible, although only to the extent of basic knowledge. This means that the same lessons can be taken away. They will, however, be taken in less complex versions, due to the lack of awareness about the time period. It is elementary to fathom the literal meanings of the themes encased in the drama. However, background knowledge on the setting of the play is the key to the underlying messages of the play. The themes of friendship overcoming all, the creation of…

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