Essay on The Evaluation Of Filter Design And Harmonic Analysis

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Abstract— Harmonics that are created by non-linear devices connected to the power system. Power system harmonics are multiples integer of the fundamental power system frequency and these harmonic frequencies can create distorted voltages and currents. Distortion of voltages and currents can impact on the power system adversely causing power quality problems. Therefore, approximation of harmonics is of high importance for efficiency of the power system network to maintain the quality limits recommended by standards to protect the sensitive loads, it is necessary to enclosed some form of filtering device to the power system. Harmonics are also increases overall reactive power demanded by equivalent load. Designing of filter is one of the methods to control harmonic alleviation problems and improve power quality by delivering electrical power to the system. This paper presents the evaluation of filter design and harmonic analysis to the system network. Goal of this paper is extraction of fundamental and harmonic components in voltage/current signal using FFT, observed the stylized spectrum of distorted signal in digital analyzer or DSO with power system frequency and design digital filter to minimize the harmonics of power systems.

Keywords - Harmonics, non-linear loads, digital filter, power quality, harmonics analysis, FFT.

Recently, the electrical harmonic pollution is getting more and more serious with the increasing use of non-linear components in…

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