Essay on The Ethics Of The Athletic Administration

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Ethics is a big aspect of the department of Health and Exercise Science as well as Physical Therapy. In order for me to be an effective physical therapists in the future and a health care provider, I need to have a firm understanding of ethical standards and how to determine what is right and wrong. Fortunately, I have a good understanding of right and wrong because of the way I was raised. My parents were focused on me understanding what is right and wrong through the lens of God’s eyes rather than man’s. This was crucial when coming to college as I have been exposed to several situations that I could make the wrong decision. I have been involved in several areas that ethical standards are a must such as the classroom, the soccer field, and the professional environment. On the soccer field, I have been exposed to the Title IX ethical standard which has to deal with the athletics at each college. I have learned about Title IX through the athletic administration and also in some of my classes including Management Concepts of Health care taught by Dr. Barbara Long. In my healthcare class, Dr. Long had us look at several case studies that involved ethical thinking. There were several made up situations that many of the students were confused about and were not sure what to do if in that certain situation. My fifth artifact was one of my major projects in this class that dealt with ethical thinking. This artifact is my Cultural Competence Cast Study which allowed me to…

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