The Ethics Of Privacy Policy Essay

1757 Words Dec 18th, 2016 8 Pages
This framework can be implemented in the development of privacy policy in order to come up with an equitable privacy solution. One must first identify the stakeholders in order to incorporate them in the process. There are many stakeholders in privacy policy, but I will focus on the government actors, particularly the FBI, congress and the NSA, and the Internet users. Users can be broken down even further in order to highlight the stakes of different users. In A History of Privacy Policy, I identified different policies that were implemented based on the interpretations of the different groups. One of the user groups were concerned parents who wanted to protect their children’s privacy. Other users were concerned with the protection of their financial information, while others were concerned with government surveillance. While these groups were identified during the twentieth century, their concerns are still relevant today and they play a role, however minimal, in the modern paradigm. Next one can identify government stakeholders; the NSA and the FBI are two agencies that share a similar goal. Their goal is to monitor, collect and analyze information in order to prevent another major terrorist attack. Four users have been identified in this example, but one could include more stakeholders based on the scope of one’s analysis. These stakes can be simplified into the protection of Children, the protection of sensitive financial information, the protection of data from…

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