The Ethics Of Praying And Counseling Essay

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Summary In the article, The Ethics of Praying in Counseling, the authors did a study about the religious concepts that are rising as a significant part of counseling nowadays. According to Weld and Eriksen, use of spirituality or prayer involving counseling for secular counselors are 24% (privately) and 7% (during), 78% Christian agencies, private Christian agencies100%, Marriage and Family Counselors 62%. They even mention with the inflowing of prayer in counseling that there’s a rise of scholarly discussions, DSMIV added “Religious and Spiritual”, and the fact that religion and secular psychology are currently more sociable than in the past. The authors focus on all aspects involving prayer in counseling whether it is before, during, after, maybe even as a part of the homework for intervention. Weld and Eriksen expound on the prominence of counselors educating themselves thoroughly of several types of ethical issues and dilemmas that could arise if prayer or any religious views are used in or a part of counseling. The authors recommend while assessment of clients spirituality counselors should consider all attributes of clients welfare; normative vs. harmful belief, and clients developmental readiness. In other words, can the use of prayer open up closed wounds, awaken hidden behaviors, confuse the client or even suppress the progression of the client. (Weld and Eriksen,). An imperative issue Weld and Eriksen discuss is values and countertransference aspects that…

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