The Ethics Of Medical Ethics Essay

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Dax Cowart and his father were involved in accident involving a car explosion and fire. His father died on his way to the hospital and Dax’s body was severely burned. He explains not wanting to live in the condition he was in and wanted to end his life. He continually asked the doctors to discontinue treatment and allow him to die. Cowart was declared competent to refuse treatment but no one would fight his case. He ended up surviving his severe burn injuries, which made him depressed and suicidal. In the end, he became a successful lawyer, fighting for client’s who had sustain horrible injuries, similar to his. His case has been highly debated over the years in the field of medical ethics. Many wonder if Dax was of sound enough mind to refuse treatment, and if the doctors should have respected his autonomy and allowed Dax to die. Different ethical theories can be used to explore this case and examine the ethical issues related to this case. Dax believed that what the doctors did was morally wrong. He believed that although they had good intentions, they were wrong in their decision to continue treatment. What is important to understand here is that there is a difference between right and wrong and “good-will.” The doctors were doing what they believed was right, which was not following Dax’s autonomy. The doctors took away Dax’s right to self-determination. The doctors may have believed that discontinuing treatment was morally wrong in their own eyes, but if that was the…

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