The Ethics Of Law Enforcement Essays

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Ethics in law enforcement has a very important role in society. Ethical law enforcement helps build the mutual trust and respect between the police and citizens. Police integrity is based upon law enforcement acting in ethical manners in accordance with their community to have a safe environment. Ethics are defined by “doing the right thing, whatever that may be” (Roufa, n.d.). The right thing is based on the values in society. These values are integrity, honesty, hard work, kindness, compassion, empathy, sympathy, justice, bravery, and many more. We get our ethics from various different aspects of our lives. These include our upbringing, our family and friends, our religion and the society as a whole (Roufa, n.d.).
People have their own personal ideas and views on police officers. Some hate them and think they are deceiving and abuse their rights, however some respect and appreciate police officers. The community will feel a stronger sense of respect and appreciation towards law enforcement if they are ethical and trust worthy. This trust builds the relationship between police officers and their community, which is huge in acts towards criminal justice. There is a high set of expectations and standards placed on police officers, and rightfully so. People watch their every move, in hopes of catching them performing an unlawful act. One act by a single unprofessional police officer, effects the law enforcement as a whole. So again, ethics is a very important aspect in law…

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